Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh the food!

Hans and Susanne are amazing hosts who treat us like royalty and give attention to the smallest details. This is our typical breakfast table: muesli with milk, yogurt, and little pieces of fresh fruit; sometimes a perfect 3 minute egg, croissants fresh from the oven, 3-4 kinds of cheese, 3 kinds of Italian meats, homemade jam, a couple of other kinds of European breads, lox, fresh fruit (in this picture are 2 kinds of peaches - one that was so amazingly sweet... I think from a wine region), coffee and tea.

Some little details include personalized antique napkin rings and a tiny jug of milk at my seat just for my coffee.

In the evening we went to one of Susanne's favourite restaurants: a barbecue in a nearby vineyard, as Bram has just described.

This Tuscan-style view is one of the reasons that she loves it.

The quality and variety of meats is another. First a buffet of salads, then a round of grilled fish... Your choice of salmon, swordfish, prawns and 2 other fresh water fish made to order. Then the grilled meats: lamb, corn fed chicken, beef, sausage, and speck (German style thick bacon).
closeup of the speck just for my friend John. I admit that I had a final piece for "dessert". Everyone laughed at me when I ordered it, but were happy to have a bite of it when I offered!

Here are a couple of shots of Heidelberg castle earlier during our adventure.

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