Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adventure Day part 5: the sun sets over Cozumel

Between getting up early to watch the sun rise, catching the ferry, wandering around Cozumel, and exploring San Gervasio, I had probably been walking for at least 5 hours by the time I returned to town. However, my day was not yet over. Just as the sunrise in Playa del Carmen was beautiful, I had planned to shoot the sunset from Cozumel. My initial exploring of the town gave me a few good ideas for vantage points to use for the all-too-brief transition from day to night.

At the end, I lowered the camera to watch the sun splash down into the water. It very much reminded me of when my family went on a trip to Monserrat (a small island in the Caribbean) many years ago. Every night, we gathered on the patio of our villa to watch the sun hit the ocean. It was very much the same feeling, one I will always treasure.

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