Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wood Islands to Brudenell Provincial Park

Trip Distance: 89.51 km
Time in the Saddle: 6 hrs 3 min
Average Speed: 14.77 kmh
(Lori writing)
I have to say that yesterday's ride had me pretty discouraged. Imagine riding your bike up and down Garbage Hill (in Winnipeg) for 4.5 hrs. With breaks, it took us 7 hrs to reach our destination. The most we ever trained on Garbage Hill was 30 min, once a week for the last month. To all the people who told me that PEI is not very hilly: either you have never cycled in PEI, or you have never been to Manitoba! So I'm sure that you can understand that the prospect of getting on our bikes to do it all over again this morning made me a little nervous. But up we got and away we went.

We started on the Confederation Trail, which is an old railway bed turned into a crushed gravel cycling path. It runs almost the entire island and many cyclists come from around the world to ride it. About 5 km in, we decided it was worse than the hills! The crushed gravel was just too loose to manage on loaded bikes. After some discussion, we finally decided on a roundabout route on smaller, local highways. This turned out to be awesome in so many ways: very little traffic, very pretty and paved. The hills were also much more manageable. The weather was perfect for a travel day: overcast, light breeze mostly at our backs, coolish, and no rain. All these things improved our moods significantly, thus giving us the energy to travel a total distance of nearly 90 km...a record breaking distance for us! Another record I broke today was my top speed at 40.8 kmh!

Here's our route:

We stopped in Panmure Island for a tasty lunch of chicken Caesar wrap and pizza.

We made it to our resting place at Brudenell Provincial Park with enough energy to set up camp...

...and then ride another 18 km round trip for dinner at Clamdigger's in Georgetown. Best seafood we've had so far: lightly breaded clams, scallops and haddock with fries as well as snowcrab with Caesar salad.

We're booked to camp here for 4 nights. It's beautiful, but the closest grocery store is a 2 hour round trip by bike. Not having a way to store perishables will make food prep challenging.

Yesterday's best quote was:
Lori: "Finally, a flat stretch!"
Bram: "Um. Yeah. We're going downhill, sweetie."
Lori: "Oh."
I wasn't sure whether to kill myself or him at that moment.

This has now turned into an ongoing joke when we are zooming down a hill of some distance, one of us usually says, "This is a nice flat stretch!" with huge smiles on our faces. I think it's probably funnier when you are getting your butt kicked on these hills!BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. great report for this day and great pics!!!!!

    1. Thanks! The exercise gets the creative juices flowing ;)

  2. Best holiday I've never taken!!! Loving every new posting!!

    1. Possibly the only thing better than this trip is living vicariously through it, and maybe not even that ;)