Friday, August 10, 2012

Adventure day: Summerside

Trip Distance: 20 km

(Bram writing)

We had a pretty low key day. Breakfast and lunch at the campsite, separated by some lounging around. After lunch, we hopped on our bikes for the quick ride (10km or so) into Summerside, a town large enough to have a boundary area on the map rather than just a dot.

We wandered along the harbourfront, checking out the various craft and souvenir stores. After that, we walked about a kilometer to visit the College of Piping for one of their "mini concerts". They are part education and part performance, with students at the college giving a little history of highland dance, bagpipes, and snare drums, then demonstrating. It ended with a piper, drummer, and dancer doing a little number together. We could tell they were students and the concert was not what I would call "polished", but they were very earnest and decently skilled.

Our ride back to camp was cooler thanks to the clouds that had rolled in. Rain rolled in with them, however, but I managed to get everything important to shelter under the tent before it really hit.

The campground is okay, but not as nice as Campbell's Cove or the New Glasgow Highlands ground near Hunter River. The owners are not as good at keeping the sites clean (no big litter, but lots of little scraps of paper/plastic, beer bottle caps, etc.) and some of the animals, especially the crows, are hanging around and scavenging from sites. It also doesn't have either the sense of community in Campbell's Cove or the privacy in New Glasgow Highlands, while still charging a similar amount. Our little corner of quiet ended up filled with noisy neighbors, bawling babies, yelling youngsters, and blaring boom boxes.


  1. Did you know about the College of Piping before hand or discover it when you arrived?

    1. I had no idea it was here, but they seem to produce some pretty great talent.

    2. We'd come across another campus elsewhere (Charlottetown, I think) but I didn't know about this one until I started looking for things to do.