Friday, August 3, 2012

Campbell's Cove to St Peters

Trip distance: 44.22 km
Time in saddle: 3:21
Average speed: 13.17 km/h

(Bram writing)
On Thursday, we packed up and headed out of Campbell's Cove early in the morning. Actually, we did as much of the packing as possible the night before, but that still left striking the tent and associated sleeping stuff. A quick breakfast of cereal later and we were on the road.

The weather conditions gave us our biggest challenge of the day. It was cool and rainy, which was not so bad, but we also faced a driving headwind for pretty much the entire ride. In some ways, our early start worked against us- we had been planning for a lunch break between Campbell's Cove and St Peters, but the restaurant between them (there is only one, as near as we can tell) wouldn't open for another hour. We pressed on.

St Peters is a nice town, though as with many nice towns in PEI, it is situated in a river valley. The valleys make for pretty scenery but steep hills, especially when leaving town. We stopped for lunch at one of the two restaurants in town, The Chowder House. Lunch came in the form of seafood chowder and a seafood wrap.

After lunch, we saddled up for the short but lamentably uphill ride to our campsite. The campground is pretty much booked to capacity, so we wound up in overflow: an open field with a single line of pine trees, plus each "site" has a picnic table and fire pit. It's only for one night, so we are okay with it. Originally, we had not planned to camp during our back to back travel days (instead staying at B&Bs) but we decided to juggle a little of our schedule to break up what would have been a very long ride into two kind of long rides.

The afternoon passed quickly with a shower and a nap, then it was back into town on foot... browse some of the gift shops and have dinner, this time at Rick's Fish 'n' Chips. We had fish and chips, chowder, and a couple of large bottles of Gahan beer. The fish and chips are very famous, and I thought they were good, but perhaps not up to the hype we heard going into the experience. The chowder was fine, though a little lacking in the seafood department.

After that was a slow walk back to camp, as the skies finally started to clear up from an otherwise overcast day. The weather looks promising for Friday's ride to Mt Stewart.

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