Monday, August 6, 2012

Recovery Day in Camp

(Lori writing)

We are booked for 4 nights at New Glasgow Highlands Campground, a 4 star poshy private camp. It's very well maintained, with high end camp facilities including a pool and fully stocked kitchen in the lodge. It was a luxury to cook breakfast on a full stove this morning and linger with my coffee on a couch. After which I spent most of the day in my hammock while Bram adventured with his camera.

The camp host offered to drive us the 2 km to the village where we had to experience our first real PEI lobster supper. And an experience it was! There was already a lineup at 4:30, but this well-oiled machine did not take long to get us through the line, seated and served. Dinners start at $32 per person and go up depending on the size of lobster. We decided to go for a 3 lb lobster dinner to share for $75. This included all-you-can-eat appetizers (chowder, soup, salads, mussels and mouth watering freshly baked rolls), desserts (about 6 different kinds), and non-alcoholic drinks. I generally try to avoid all-you-can-eat type places these days, but PEI lobster dinners are part of the culture here.

Rewind our trip a little back to Rick's Fish & Chips in St Peter's Bay. The table behind us were admittedly eavesdropping on us and beckoned us over to talk about our cycling adventure. In the 15 minutes we chatted, I learned that they lived in New Glasgow, and I teased about stopping in for a coffee. They said I should, told us their names and the color of their house. So after dinner we wandered the village looking for a grey house with no luck...until we gave up and started walking back to camp. About halfway to camp, I saw a mailbox with their name on it! So off we went to surprise them with a visit. They were very pleased to see us, and invited us to sit and chat overlooking the beautiful view. After much story swapping and laughs, we were on our way again, but not before out hostess packed a little gift for us "for our breakfast". A jar each of her homemade strawberry and blueberry jam! Bram says he's willing to leave our axe behind so that we can carry the weight of the treat :)

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